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Cairns' Premier Stripping Agency - High Class Strippers from Box Office Adult Promotions

Our Services

PROMOTIONAL EVENTS! Promo girls and lingerie models
Box Office provides high quality promo and lingerie models for every event, be it a corporate event, poker party, golf day or any occasion.

WAITRESSES! Topless or Nude
Box Office provides you with a variety of extremely sexy and friendly waitresses to work the room and serve you drinks all night! These girls are fun and frivolous and will keep you entertained for hours.

STRIP SHOWS! For every occasion
Basic Strip
This is a straight strip which is perfect for corporate events, office parties, and parties with mixed gender. The Performer does a very sexy strip and becomes completely naked with full attention to the Male in focus (Buck, Birthday Boy etc). Running time about 15 minutes.

Raunchy Strip
This is a more full on sexy strip with the Performer becoming completely naked and giving full open leg views. Still suitable for mixed crowds. Using some harmless props such as body oil and candles for more FUN and giving full attention to Male in focus (Buck, Birthday Boy etc). Running time about 20 minutes.

Vibe Show (XXX) Highly recommended!
This is our most popular strip! An X-Rated strip which uses a variety of different sex toys, full insertion, several metres of beads, body oil and candles etc. The Male in focus (Buck, Birthday Boy etc) will receive a good half hour of complete torture which always brings about plenty of laughs from the crowd! This X-Rated strip works better with male audiences (females are allowed to be present as long as they don’t offend easily!) Males within the audience also get a chance to participate. Running time about 30 minutes.

Fruit n’ Veg (XXX)
Not for the fainthearted! This X-Rated show is similar to the VIBE show but replaces all sex toys with a variety of fruit and vegetables! Usually used are banana’s, zucchini’s, carrots, cucumbers etc. Quite full on and very crude, females in the audience are not recommended. Several metres of beads are also used and the Male in focus (Buck, Birthday Boy etc) needs to have an appetite as he will be instructed to eat the fruit and vegetables out of various places! Running time about 30 minutes.

Lesbian Duo
A complete lesbian performance incorporating plenty of kissing, fondling, touching, oral sex.... the works! Both girls are completely naked and use a variety of different positions during their lesbian sex act to give the whole crowd a healthy view. The Male in focus (Buck, Birthday Boy etc) will get plenty of attention and be asked to join in the fun! Several metres of beads and other simple props will also be used. Running time about 30 minutes.

Lesbian Duo (XXX) Highly recommended!
This is the cream of the crop! Want to impress your mates with the best duo act in Cairns? They will think you’re a legend if you book this for them! A complete lesbian sex show which includes many sex toys such as strap-ons, double-enders, several metres of beads, candles, body oil etc. This kind of action is generally only available in the movies but we are bringing it live to you on stage! There is nothing left to the imagination here, the sky is the limit. The Male in focus (Buck, Birthday Boy etc) will enjoying helping the girls with their toys, the audience members can also become involved if the girls ask you. Running time about 35 minutes.

Box Office can also provide a Ping Pong Show. Contact us on 0449 864 599 for a direct quote.

All out strippers are professional performers. They will provide their own music, sound system, costume, sex toys, fruit and vegetables, blanket to lay on etc. Please inform us if you would like to arrange for the performer to arrive already dressed, or whether you can provide a secure room for the performer to get dressed and ready on arrival.

Box office has a very stringent policy which requires only the HOTTEST girls can work for our agency. This has equipped us with the reputation for having the BEST girls in Cairns by far.

For all enquiries contact us on 0449 864 599 or