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Cairns' Premier Stripping Agency - High Class Strippers from Box Office Adult Promotions


"I wanted 4 or 5 high quality girls for our work party, I had been using another company but heard Box Office had the best girls so I booked it with them. I didn’t care what I had to spend, just wanted some decent chicks. All 5 girls were gorgeous! The strip shows were mind blowing! They were the friendliest strippers I have seen, will definitely use Box Office again."
Peter, Cairns

"I’m from Brisbane and was trying to organise a mate’s Buck’s Party in Cairns. I had no idea who to call so just started calling company’s out of the phone book. I called them all and eventually booked with Box Office. They were by far the most professional on the phone, easy to deal with and gave me heaps of information. When the girls turned up they were sensational! All the boys thought I was a legend for doing such a good job of it!"
David, Brisbane

"Use Box Office on a regular basis, and always request the same girls because they are really good looking and nice"
Ray, Mareeba

"The girls were hot, the duo (xxx) was unreal! It blew us all away!"
Luke, Tully

"We heard Box office was the best so have used them quite a few times, they are always really good and their girls are lovely. Recently I booked a duo (XXX) at a venue in Cairns. They have this new girl up from Melbourne and my God! It was without a doubt the best show I have ever seen! Very professional and amazing performers, all my mates were fully impressed! Can’t wait to have another party!"
Anthony, Innisfail

"Me and my mates have been using the other stripping mob for years but were getting sick of the same old girls they were sending us, the chicks were always a bit rough and had a bad attitude. Someone told me about Box Office so I started using them and am more than happy with the nice girls they have, all really HOT chicks and super friendly."
Brad, Cairns

"Definitely the best strippers in Cairns, very professional"
Adrian, Cairns

"We’re from Sydney so had no idea who to use, just called Box Office out of the yellow pages. Glad we did, the topless waitresses were great, doing shots with us and all! We had a ball! Then we got a gorgeous blonde to do the VIBE strip, me mate got totally arse whipped! It was a classic! Best Buck’s Party ever."
Shane, Sydeny

"We thought for a laugh we’d get Colin a stripper for his Birthday in the office. Just wanted a nice strip, not one of those dirty ones. Box Office sent us a beautiful lady, she was lovely and sweet and did the nicest strip in the office at work. Poor Colin nearly had a heart attack! It was so funny!"
Jenny, Cairns

"Heard Box Office had the best girls around. Called around and got some cheaper prices from the other stripping company’s. But in the end went with Box Office, as they weren’t much more expensive and the strippers were bloody awesome! It’s worth paying the little extra for a much higher standard of girls"
Damien, Mossman

"Box Office are the BOMB! I sue them all the time and recommend them to heaps of people. They have the best chicks without a doubt!"
John, Cairns

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